Multimodal Equipment from USA Transequipment

Here at USA Transequipment, we offer used and refurbished multimodal equipment, which gets you better price options.


What can we offer?

multimodal equipment

We offer everything from used and refurbished container chassis, used and refurbished lowboys, refurbished flatbed trailers, and multimodal equipment.


What are the uses of multimodal equipment?


Container Chassis: transportation mechanism to carry heavy, shifting loads (similar to a tank chassis, which is more so for transporting liquids).


Lowboys: a semi-trailer with two drops in deck height to allow more flexibility in different items.

multimodal equipment


Flatbed Trailers: versatile loading trailers that connect to flatbed trucks.

multimodal equipment

Why buy from us?

Since we excel in used and refurbished equipment, we’re prepared to tell you exactly why. We provide equipment with improved safety and, wait for it, more affordable prices. The perks to having a used container chassis, for example, comes with the fact new ones require flipping, and can NOT be done without heavy machinery. Containers also have an approximate lifespan of 15 years, so yours will be in great use for a long while. Whatever the need may be, USA Transequipment is here to help because our number one concern is always great customer service.