Drop Deck Trailers

Mega Generator Carrier 50 Ton Double Drop Deck Witzco Challenger


Year:     Make:   Witzco  Challenger      Model:   50 Ton Double Drop Deck Mega Generator Carrier

Description:       Witzco Challenger 50 Ton Double Drop Deck Mega Generator Carrier, 48’X 102″, center loader with 15′ load deck space, 48′ overall length, 27″ deck height, 16′ front deck, 11.5′ rear deck, all deck space diamond plate steel, HD beams and landing gear, tie-downs, 255/70R22.5 tires on spoke wheels, tri-axle, air brakes, spring suspension, ideal for wide and heavy loads. A serious specialty trailer.

Drop Deck Trailer 40' Loadcraft HD

Stock#:    FTLOADDD1

Year:            Make:  Loadcraft           Model:   40′ HD  Drop Deck Trailer

Description:       Loadcraft 40′ Drop Deck Trailer, totally reconditioned with new wood floors, brakes, bearings, seals, lights, wiring, blasted and painted red. 80% tires(10.0R20) on spoke rims, tandem axle, air suspension, heavy beams and HD landing gear, 31′ main deck loading space, 44″ deck height, 9′ front deck, good pin and plate, DOT certified, built solid for heavy loads, with a short HD body perfect for export.

Double Drop Deck 40Ton Extendable HD Transcraft


Year:     Make:  Transcraft     Model:   40 Ton HD Extendable Double Drop Deck Trailer

Description:      Transcraft 40 Ton Extendable Double Drop Deck Trailer, center loader, new hydraulics and electrical lines, HD beams and landing gear, 80% tires (10.0-15LT) on spoke wheels, tandem axle, air suspension, 40′ overall length, 96″ wide, 23′ center loading deck extendable to 44′, 8′ rear deck, 9′ front wood deck, multiple tie-downs, bulkhead, DOT certified, ready to work, ideal for extra long loads and perfect for export.

Drop Deck 40 Ton HD Fontaine

Stock#:    FTFONTDD2

Year:             Make:   Fontaine             Model:    40 Ton HD Drop Deck Trailer

Description:   Fontaine 40 Ton HD Drop Deck Trailer, tandem axle, air suspension, 90% tires (10R17.5) on spoke wheels, 45′ overall length, 8′ wide, 36′ main deck loading space, 11′ front deck, 37″ deck height, wood floors, HD beams and landing gear, good kingpin and plate, excellent heavy hauler, perfect for export worldwide.

Drop Deck Trailer Talbert 70 Ton HD

Stock#:    FTTALBDD1

Year:             Make:   Talbert             Model:    70 Ton HD Drop Deck Trailer

Description:     Talbert 70 Ton HD Drop Deck Trailer, center loader, very heavy HD beams, nice wood floors, heavy beams and landing gear, spread axle, air suspension, 90% tires (255/70R22.5) on pilot hubs, tie-down rails and winches, 48′ overall length, 102″ wide, 37′ main deck loading space, 41″ deck height, 10.5′ front deck, 20,000 lb. trailer weight, 140,000 lb. capacity, in excellent condition, a perfect HD hauler for the very heaviest loads. Located in Miami, and ready for export worldwide.

Double Drop Deck Trailer 48' HD

Stock#:    FTAPLUSDD2

Year:              Make:   A Plus           Model:    48′ Double Drop Deck Trailers

Description:      48′ HD Double Drop Deck Trailer, completely reconditioned center loader with new wood floors, lights, HD landing gear, heavy beams, bulkhead, spread axle, air suspension, 80% tires (255/70R22.5) on pilot hubs, multiple tie-downs, 48′ overall length, 102″ width, 22.5′ center deck loading space, 29″ deck height, 9.5′ front deck space, 14′ rear deck space, good plate and kingpin, blasted and painted blue, DOT certified and ready to work. A very heavy hauler, in excellent condition, located in Miami, and perfect for export.

Drop Deck Trailers 45'

Stock#:    FTCROSDD1

Year:              Make:   Crosley/Terrasport            Model:    45′ Drop Deck Trailers

Description:     Crosley/Terrasport 45′ Drop Deck Trailers, tandem axle, spring suspension, 8′ front deck, 45′ main deck, 32″ deck height, wood floors, rear loading with rollers in floor for loading containers, winches and straps, 9.50-16.5 tires on pilot hubs, new or used tires optional, in excellent condition and ready to work, perfect for export to any port worldwide.

Drop Deck Trailer 53'

Stock#:    FTAPLUSDD1

Year:              Make:   A Plus           Model:    53′  Drop Deck Trailers

Description:     53′ Drop Deck Trailer, rollers on the floor may be used for rollaway container transport. For delivery and pickups. Air suspension, brakes/tires at 80%. New or used tires optional. Also 48′ available on spring suspension , very light and strong. DOT certified and ready to work.

Double Drop Deck Trailers 48' Fontaine

Stock#:    FTFONTDD1

Year:              Make:   Fontaine          Model:    48′  Double Drop Deck Trailers

Description:   Fontaine 48′ Double Drop Deck Trailer, vintage unit, air suspension, 27′ deck space, low-profile Budd wheels,  80% 11X22.5 tires, new tires also optional, good wooden floors, in excellent condition…NO RUST.  DOT certified, located in Miami, and perfect for export.

Double Drop Deck Extendable 25 Ton


Year:         Make:   Valmont          Model:    25 Ton Extendable Double Drop Deck Trailer

Description:   Valmont 25 Ton Double Drop Deck Extendable Lowboy Trailer, detachable, tandem axle center loader, new 11-22.5 tires on spoke wheels, air suspension, 17,000 lb. trailer weight, 27′ extendable to 50′ center loading deck space, 8′ deck width, 23″ deck height, 9′ front deck, 9′ rear deck, wood and diamond plate steel floors, bulkhead, certified and ready for serious work. A very versatile heavy hauler, ideal for export.