Used Container Skeletons

Perhaps you already have a chassis and are in the market for just the used container skeleton. At USA Transequipment, we offer the best of the best in used container skeletons. Always stressing our quality, we offer a variety of options for reliable, mobile storage. Used container skeletons are perfect for people are aren’t worried about the looks of their container and are more interested in buying a product that is both quality and low in cost. Used containers are ideal for those who are interested in functional stage solutions, usually nonresidential uses, or for transporting items.

 used container skeletons
What makes used containers so valuable in comparison to other transport devices is its mobility and protective qualities. To be able to store something and move it in the same box makes everything much easier. It doesn’t matter how big or what the content is, containers provide the advantage of on-site storage capability. On-site storage is a gigantic plus, taking away a large and time consuming step. Furthermore, to be able to transport it and not have to worry about your things getting ruined from rain or snow is even more valuable. The walls of container skeletons are made of steel, so even the harshest of circumstances don’t stand a chance against the container, and everything you have inside will remain in tact. Everybody knows somebody who moved their mattress on the roof of the car and got it rained on, especially if you live in Florida. And nobody likes a moldy mattress.

Used containers have are usually 8-12 years old by the time they reach us and normally come from international shipping services. Because of this, they make have small dents or scratch marks, vary in color and often show rust or have the remainders of various shipping logos. But like we said, we don’t care about looks, right? This is why we are able to offer such competitive prices as opposed to buying a container new.

used container skeletons-2

When all is said and done, used container skeletons are the top option for anybody looking to store in a nonresidential environment. The things that can be stored in used container skeletons are countless but many common uses include the storage of boats and other recreational vehicles such as 4-wheelers, motor-cross bikes, etc., construction storage, tiles from your wife’s fifth bathroom remodel, and even something as simple, yet abundant, as files and records. At USA Transequipment, we can find the most appropriate container for you. If you are storing something a little more delicate, we might offer you something with floor coating or vinyl floor covering. Whatever your needs might be, we can meet them. Visit TruckLocator for more used container skeletons.