Used Flatbed Trailers Miami

The used flatbed trailers Miami frenzy has started again. Major fleets are buying in bulk in preparation for all of the shipping of new development. Although the construction industry is still down, strong automobile sales are rising. They continue to drive demand for steel and other materials. This is according to Frank Maly, director of commercial vehicle transportation analysis at ACT Research. Drilling for oil and natural gas continues to be strong, and items such as steel pipes are filling flatbeds. As of the end of April 2015, orders for flatbeds, dropdecks and other related trailers were stretched out for six months. USA Transequipment sells the best used flatbed trailers Miami in the industry.

used flatbed trailers miami


Not all flatbed trailers are the same. The actual freight load capacity weight & dimensions will be different from trailer to trailer.  They are based on the specifications of the actual trailer and semi-tractor being used. Flatbeds, dropdecks, extendables, stretch single drop. Double drop, stretch double drop. RGN, stretch RGN, Conestoga, side-kits, and many more. When choosing one, make sure to consult us! We offer used flatbed trailers Miami for the best prices in the country.


used flatbed trailers miami

How to choose a flatbed trailer

Loads that are not over-sized are often shipped via a standard flatbed trailer. Cargo such as lumber, building supplies and smaller equipment is often transported using this style of trailer. The height and weight of the cargo will determine whether this is an appropriate trailer. Most flatbed trailers are a minimum of 5′ tall before any freight is added, which means cargo must be 8′ 6” or less tall to remain legal. In addition, the weight limit on most trailers of this style is around 48,000 pounds. However, if necessary, special permits can be obtained to haul heavier loads. Used flatbed trailers Miami are available for purchase and international shipping. We await your call! Visit AuctionTime for more types of flatbed trailers.